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I love to capture visual stories.


I’m always looking to create something.


My family is my foundation.


Life is to explore!

A Brief Introduction

I enjoy immersing myself in creativity.  Telling unusual stories, capturing beautiful images, provoking intelligent conversation, playing immersive games, making kick-ass music, developing cool ideas, learning new skills, crafting curious widgets, and sharing everything I learn and my perspective of life with anyone who cares to listen.

Life continues to be a fun adventure, one that I enjoy the journey more than the fleeting moments that are considered the destination.


10 Reasons Your Kids Should Play D&D

I was at the prime young age of 12, and the big rage in middle school was this new game called "Dungeons & Dragons.” The problem? My wonderful conservative Mom was concerned with all of the satanic looking monsters, so she didn’t let me play. I didn't put up much more...

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DIY D&D Dice Box

Why do my dice seem to enjoy landing on the floor?  Despite how careful I am, they seem to have a mind of their own.  When they do run amok, it's always an awkward situation... do you try to read the roll from the floor?  Or do you re-roll on the table?  Or better...

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