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I love to capture visual stories.


I direct story-driven games


I’m always looking to create something.


My family is my foundation.


Life is to explore!

A Brief Introduction

I enjoy immersing myself in creativity.  Telling unusual stories, capturing beautiful images, provoking intelligent conversation, playing immersive games, making kick-ass music, developing cool ideas, learning new skills, crafting curious widgets, and sharing everything I learn and my perspective of life with anyone who cares to listen.

Life continues to be a fun adventure, one that I enjoy the journey more than the fleeting moments that are considered the destination.


DIY D&D Dice Box

Why do my dice seem to enjoy landing on the floor?  Despite how careful I am, they seem to have a mind of their own.  When they do run amok, it's always an awkward situation... do you try to read the roll from the floor?  Or do you re-roll on the table?  Or better...

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Dungeon Master – Character & Monster Tents

Updated 3/13/2017 Inspired by the emails and feedback I've gotten from this article, I've decided to update all my tents and publish them on the DM's Guild called Ultimate Character and Monster Character Tents/Card Bundle.  The new tents and cards have all original...

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I’m Thankful I Broke My Wrist

Today I get my cast off!! Woo hoo! There is still quite a bit of physical therapy and pain to work through before I'll be back to myself. It's been a crazy 7 weeks, but strangely enough, I've been thankful for breaking my wrist.  Before I get there, why not give you...

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Acoustic Treatment for Video Studios

For 10 years I owned a boutique video production company called Bassline Digital, LLC.  I worked on a lot of cool projects over the years, and I was always looking for ways to improve the quality of my work. My post production studio was simply an extra...

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Movies vs. Films – Finding Your Top 10

It's an inevitability. You will be at some sort of social gathering and someone will ask you, "So what is your favorite movie?" Ironically, as a filmmaker, I never really thought about it which always made for an awkward answer to that question. Until now! "NOOO!",...

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Our Thanksgiving Tradition

Ever since our kids were old enough to speak, we have held a simple and seemingly obvious Thanksgiving tradition. Just after we finish putting together a delicious plate of food, but before we start the inevitable process of over-eating, we each take time at the table...

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