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I love to capture visual stories.


I direct story-driven games


I’m always looking to create something.


My family is my foundation.


Life is to explore!

A Brief Introduction

I enjoy immersing myself in creativity.  Telling unusual stories, capturing beautiful images, provoking intelligent conversation, playing immersive games, making kick-ass music, developing cool ideas, learning new skills, crafting curious widgets, and sharing everything I learn and my perspective of life with anyone who cares to listen.

Life continues to be a fun adventure, one that I enjoy the journey more than the fleeting moments that are considered the destination.


Electric Bass Lessons – Louisville CO

While there are thousands of resources online for learning to play the electric bass, the one thing these resources cannot give you is feedback. This is where a private bass teacher can help you. My name is Webb Pickersgill.  I have been playing the...

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My MAME Arcade Machine

You Built a WHAT?? Many years ago (early 2000's), I built a MAME arcade machine cabinet.  It was an incredibly fun and challenging project, and the final machine was so much fun to play.  Even today, I have an occasional conversation where I bring it up,...

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PissHead “Nothing Wrong” Bass Transcription

Over the past year and a half, I've had the honor of working with the amazing team at Deck Nine Games on the critically-acclaimed game Life is Strange Before the Storm.  We introduced a new character in this season of Life is Strange named Skip Matthews,...

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Sharon’s Crazy Cool Kid Lunches

My wife Sharon is ... awesome. For years I worked as a freelance filmmaker. Over those years, Sharon and I worked very hard to be frugal and yet still have fun. Going out to lunch was a rare treat, particularly with 3 ravenous kids. So she did the only thing an...

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Mysterium DIY Box Insert

Mysterium is a super-fun cooperative board game where a ghost tries to communicate with psychics to identify who murdered the unsettled ghostly victim.  While a ton of fun to play, often board games of this complexity require setup time that is burdensome and can be a...

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Technology Agreement For Kids

When I was growing up in a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, life was pretty simple. We were free to roam the neighborhood, and happy to play with our friends until the sun went down. My Mom would ring a cowbell which I could hear from blocks away, the audible...

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Dead of Winter – DIY Box Insert

Over the past two years, I’ve really gotten into the resurgence of board games and I enjoy playing them with my kids. One of the games we bought that is super fun to play, is Dead of Winter.   My kids would want to play a game, but it would take a good 15 minutes to...

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DIY Wood Dungeon Master Screen

Playing D&D is more than just a game, it's an experience. When I DM a session, I want my players to be engaged with the storytelling. I like adding visual elements when I can, like hand-outs, special artwork, character and monster tents. For the longest time I was...

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10 Reasons Your Kids Should Play D&D

I was at the prime young age of 12, and the big rage in middle school was this new game called "Dungeons & Dragons.” The problem? My wonderful conservative Mom was concerned with all of the satanic looking monsters, so she didn’t let me play. I didn't put up much more...

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